Outdoor & Virtual Learning Lab and After School Adventure Club

The Outdoor & Virtual Learning Lab offered by the Howell Nature Center is an educational enrichment opportunity for parents who are looking to supplement their child’s school-based education and get their kids outside, exercising and socializing.


Given the current health and educational landscape, we surveyed our community and asked how the Nature Center could support the needs of our families. Through this feedback, the concept of the Outdoor & Virtual Learning Lab was developed for children entering K through 6th grades.

This pilot program presents a full-day hybrid program that offers children a wide variety of adventure and recreational activities in our Outdoor Learning Lab, as well as unlimited access to our Virtual Learning Lab to attend their virtual school. We are also offering an After School Adventure Club developed by our team of outdoor educators that offers energy-burning activities. Our goal is to give parents flexibility in providing their children with supplemental educational experiences.

  • Utilize our 230 acres of outdoor space
  • Social distancing a natural part of planned activities
  • Recreational activities promote exercise and socialization
  • Virtual Learning Lab connects kids with their teachers using our WIFI capabilities
  • Children seated 6 feet apart, face masks required
  • Tutors available to help with school work

After School
Adventure Club

From 3:30 pm. – 6:00 p.m., children can spend time after school enjoying outdoor adventures. Through various ENERGY BURNER activities such as rock climbing, kayaking and high ropes, children will have fun while getting exercise and socialization!