Virtual Education

Let us bring the learning to you with our virtual programs! Whether you are streaming us in your classroom or library, or having your students watch our videos from home, we can still provide a WILD experience.

Lords of the Sky

See a variety of species of live birds of prey in this program as we explore the unique characteristics, habitat, diet, and importance to the environment of the different types of raptors.

Fantastical Beasts

Dreaming of dragons, gryphons, more? Look no further than your own backyard for beasts of myth and legend! Explore the magical adaptations of Michigan’s wildlife with this live animal presentation including native birds, mammals, and reptiles and learn that the supernatural is just that – SUPER NATURE! Perfect for libraries!

MythCrackers: Common Animal Myths

Are owls truly wise? Do turtles come out of their shells? You’ll find the answers to these questions and more in this new live wildlife animal presentation. This program addresses common wildlife myths and, together with the audience’s help, we’ll find out if they are “correct” or “cracked.”

Wild Super Powers

What do Batman, Spiderman, and Cat Woman have in common? They base their powers on amazing wildlife abilities. In this mixed wildlife presentation, we look at each animal’s “super power” that helps them survive in the wild.

Wild Rehab

As Michigan’s largest wildlife rehabilitator, the Howell Nature Center treats thousands of wild animals every year — from common to endangered species — with the hope of returning these animals to their homes in the wild. But what does wildlife rehabilitation entail? Find out what we do and what you can do to help!

Endangered Species

As the pressure on our natural world increases, it is important to understand the role we play in helping conserve threatened species
in our own neighborhoods. Audiences can learn how they can help
while meeting native threatened and endangered species. Plus, see
how successful conservation has saved some of Michigan’s most majestic species.

Creatures of the Night

Meet the creatures that come out at night! Meet owls and mammals and learn about their adaptations for living in the dark.

Michigan Mammals

Mammals come in all shapes and sizes. Learn about the characteristics mammals share and meet some of the marvelous mammals found in our Great Lakes State.

Animal Behavior

Join our wildlife specialists and wild guests for a program that explores and challenges the natural instincts of our animal friends. Learn how and why these animals do what they do; and try your hand at observing and describing animal behavior with ethograms while enriching the lives of our wild ambassadors! Our wildlife specialists will give you the knowledge to utilize ethograms and enrichment with your animals at home or in your backyard (materials included).

Wild About Wetlands

What’s wild about wetlands? 5.5 million acres of wetlands cover our mitten state! Join our wildlife specialists, with special guest animal ambassadors, and get to know the big, the small, the wet and the wild in a program all about Michigan’s wetlands. Our wildlife specialists will teach you about the importance of water quality, and you will join our team in assessing water quality by looking at macroinvertebrates (bugs) present in pond water (materials included).

Digest This

Everyone poops! But not everyone poops the same way. Many wildlife have unique digestive systems based on the types of foods they are adapted to eat. Join our wildlife specialists and some our animal ambassadors to learn how and what wildlife eat, then test your scat identifications skills and dissect owl pellets. We promise this won’t be a waste of time (materials included)!


A specialized program looking at these famous nocturnal birds of prey and the similarities and differences they share. See some of the owl species found here in Michigan up close.

Little Critters (preschool)

Connect with your “little critter” through nature. Meet one of our animal ambassadors and enjoy crafts, songs and stories about your favorite Howell Nature Center resident.

Fur, Feather and Scales

See live birds and mammals from our Wild Wonders Wildlife Park up close. Learn about the habitat, behavior and characteristics of wildlife that live in Michigan, maybe even in your backyard.

Ecosystem Expeditions

Michigan is full of unique ecosystems. Explore one of these three ecosystems, while meeting the animal ambassadors that live there: Wetlands, Forests, Urban/Suburban. Our wildlife specialists will give your group the knowledge to explore ecosystems on your own and to do your part to protect the animals that call them home (materials included).

2020 Virtual Program Fees

  • 30 Minute Program: $150 – Includes 2 animals
  • 1 Hour Program: $200 – Includes 4 animals
  • 2 Hour Virtual Nature Bus Program: $300 – Includes 4 animals, 30 minutes of games, and 30 minutes of learning how to find (and then dissect) wild owl pellets.

Kili the Bald Eagle and Yeti the Snowy Owl are an additional $25.

2020 On-site Program Fees

  • $225 – First hour-long program
  • $175 – Second hour-long program
  • $150 – Every hour-long program after
  • $75 – Per hour of idle time over 1 hour
  • Five program maximum
  • Snowy Owl and Bald Eagle Requests Add $25

2020 Display Program Fees

  • $350 – First two-hour booking (2-hour min)
  • $100 – Every one-hour booking after

A separate fee of $.60 per mile round trip applies to all off-site programs up to 140 miles away, with an additional $25 charge for those located 100-140 miles from our facility.


Alexandria’s Nature Bus

This two-hour program features our mobile classroom full of hands-on activities about the adaptations of native Michigan wildlife, fun group games to demonstrate ecological concepts, and a live animal presentation! This program is ideal for 3rd – 6th graders. Program themes available include Lords of the Sky, Michigan Mammals, and Creatures of the Night.

Bring the Nature Bus to your venue for FREE!

Apply for a grant from the Spirit of Alexandria Foundation by clicking here for an application.

Nature Bus Fees

  • $465 two-hour program, including four animal ambassadors, bus and games.
  • Mileage: $ .60 per mile,first 60 miles no charge,  140 mile one-way maximum.
  • 60 person maximun per two-hour program.