Virtual Education

Let us bring the learning to you with our virtual programs! Whether you are streaming us in your classroom or library, or having your students watch our videos from home, we can still provide a WILD experience.

MythCrackers: Common Animal Myths

Are owls truly wise? Do turtles come out of their shells? You’ll find the answers to these questions and more in this new live wildlife animal presentation. This program addresses common wildlife myths and, together with the audience’s help, we’ll find out if they are “correct” or “cracked.”

Wild Super Powers

What do Batman, Spiderman, and Cat Woman have in common? They base their powers on amazing wildlife abilities. In this mixed wildlife presentation, we look at each animal’s “super power” that helps them survive in the wild.

Wild Rehab (3rd Grade & Up)

As Michigan’s largest wildlife rehabilitator, the Howell Nature Center treats thousands of wild animals every year — from common to endangered species — with the hope of returning these animals to their homes in the wild. But what does wildlife rehabilitation entail? Find out what we do and what you can do to help!

Wildlife in Your Backyard

We share our world with wildlife, even our backyards! Meet some of our Wildlife Ambassadors and learn about the wildlife found around our homes, including their characteristics and behaviors, how they can benefit us, and what we can do to help them survive in the wild world.

Virtual Program Fees

  • 30 Minute Program: $150 – Features one animal
  • 1 Hour Program: $250Features two animals

*Any of our programs can be presented virtually from our Wildlife Education Studio! Virtual programs accommodate up to 100 viewers and can be designed for audiences of all ages.