Adventure Education

Soar through the trees on our zip lines. Climb to new heights on our outdoor climbing tower. Navigate mid-air obstacles on our high ropes courses. What better way to connect to nature than to be right in the trees! Challenge yourself and create memories that will last a lifetime as you select your adventure (or choose your challenge below) in our outdoor and team building programs.

High Adventure (Available Seasonally)

See the world from the trees! Whether it’s on the zip line or the climbing, these programs offer the opportunity to reach new heights, all under the care of our competent staff. Please note that all high adventure activities have a weight limit of 50 to 250 pounds as well as minimum age requirements as indicated below.

Zip Line (1 hour, ages 6 and up, or 1st grade to adult)
Experience the thrill of a ride through the trees on our 500 foot zip line, soaring over a pond. 

Climbing Tower (2 hours, ages 10 and up, or 5th grade to adult)
Test your rock-climbing skills on our 60 foot climbing tower, one of the tallest in Michigan!

High Ropes Courses (2 hours, ages 10 and up, or 5th grade to adult)
Take your adventure to higher heights on our new, multi-level High Ropes Course! With 14 different obstacles spread across 2 levels, this course has something for everyone, whether that means starting on the lower 15 foot level or jumping straight to the challenging 25 foot top level!

Giant Swing (2 hours, ages 13 and up, or 7th grade to adult)
Experience being pulled up to 40ft in the sky by a rope and released into the air! Participants have control over the height at which the swing releases. 

Leap of Faith (1 hour, ages 13 and up, or 7th grade to adult)
Participants will experience a team-building adventure 30 feet in the trees. This experience includes climbing a tree, standing on a 6-inch platform and jumping out to hit a boat buoy while your team lowers you to the ground. 

Crate Stack (2 hours, ages 13 and up or 7th grade to adult)
Test your climbing skills in this challenge! While safely secured to a rope, attempt to climb as high as you can using a tower of milk crates. The more crates you add, the shakier your tower becomes. How high can you go before the tower tumbles? 

Team Building & Low Ropes

Through interactive games, problem-solving challenges, and low rope elements, these programs provide a chance to develop skills like communication, cooperation, mutual support and trust. A great choice for all ages!

Adventure Play
Play fun, interactive games to encourage cooperation and communication skills. Learn to be gentle, kind, and safe in a positive manner.

Team Challenge
Work with your team to get over, under, or through a series of ground games and low rope elements. Challenge yourself, support your team, and debrief the experience at the end.

Professional Team Building
Learn what it takes to be a high performing team. Make decisions, solve problems, and support team members as a group. This program is intended for groups in the process of improving team performance and is customized to the needs and goals of your group. Contact us to learn more about this option!

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We strive to facilitate impactful programs that foster growth by challenging individuals and groups to further respect and care for one another. All our Adventure Education programs operate under the Challenge by Choice philosophy, and provide opportunities for participants to engage in different ways.

Competent staff will provide all participants proper instruction and equipment. We are accredited by the American Camp Association and operate under safety standards of the Association for Challenge Course Technology. Please note that all high adventure activities have a weight limit of 50 to 250 pounds, as well as minimum age requirements as indicated above. High adventure programs are subject to availability and prevailing weather conditions. We recommend consulting with a doctor before signing up if you are pregnant or have a heart or health condition.

To determine the best challenge for your group, our team is here to help! Call (517) 546-0533 today to discuss what will work for your team.

Register Today!

Pre-registration, pre-payment and signed waivers are required for all adventure programs at the Howell Nature Center. Find your adventure on our events calendar or contact our Welcome Center at (517) 546-0249 or Please note, the next available open community high adventure day is 9/24.


Please print, complete and bring with you the day of your adventure.