Cultural Education – Global Village

Learn about different cultures of Michigan and the world in our beautiful natural setting. Join us to explore global cultures at the Heifer Global Village as well as Michigan history subjects of Native American lifeways and French voyageurs that satisfy state and national curriculum standards.

Heifer Global Village

Experience Immersive Education

In partnership with Heifer International, the Howell Nature Center operates the Heifer Global Village, one of three educational training centers in the United States. Through immersive, hands-on programming, the Global Village aims to educate participants of the causes and effects of hunger and poverty, and to enable them to make a difference in the lives of those in their own communities and around the world.

Global Village
Program Options

Global Tour (ages 8 & up; 2 hours)
In this guided walking tour of the Global Village, participants explore the model houses and the lives of people living in the diverse regions of the world where Heifer works.

Cultural Connections (ages 11 & older; 4 hours)
Participants explore model houses of the Village, then prepare a traditional meal over a camp-stove and an open fire. With this simple exercise, participants learn how important culture, community and cooperation are in our daily lives.

Global Gateway (ages 12 & up; 26 hours overnight)
After the Global Tour, participants spend a night in the Global Village (with cold-weather options available). Assigned to a house and working with their “family” groups, participants find and barter for their dinner, cook together over an open fire and sleep out in one of the Village’s rustic houses. The following morning is spent in an intensive debrief session in which participants develop a deeper understanding of inequalities in the world and come away inspired to make a difference in the lives of those in their communities and around the world.

Global Challenge (ages 12 & up; 30 hours overnight)
Experience the Village through the in-depth Global Gateway program. During your second afternoon, head to the high ropes course for team building, personal challenge and fun in the trees.

Preparing for Your Visit & Additional Information

Cultural Connections

Global Gateway